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Current Event Schedule

I am occasionally available for fundraising events and behavioral workshops/seminars. Contact me for guidelines. Send an e-mail to lee @ or call 717.671.4800.

Below is my schedule of confirmed events (updated 8/20/03).



5-7--North American Greyhound Adoption Conference, Birmingham, AL

13-14--Greyhounds of Central NewYork. contact Jonna Skeehan

21--Greyhound Planet Day, Harrisburg area


5-6 --Peoria Greyhound Adoption, Inc.

11--Dewey Beach Delaware, Greyhounds Reach the Beach


May 29-31 GLOWH event, Hamilton, Ontario area

Text of Presentations

GPA 2002, Las Vegas

Welcome to My World:Fostering Greyt Adoptions

Help Me Make It Through the Night: Separation Anxiety, Thunderphobia, and Other Things That Go Bump in the Night

These files are available, free of charge, to any bona fide adoption group. They are in Adobe Acrobat format and are password protected. If you do not have the Adobe Reader, use the link below to download it. If you do not have the password, please contact me.

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Behavioral Consulting Services

I know it is frequently difficult to find someone who is Greyhound-savvy to help with a behavioral problem. If you need help locating a trainer or counselor, please contact me. If you cannot find someone locally, I will provide services by phone at a discounted fee. Contact me for more details.


Phone: 717.671.4800

Coming Soon!

Still Running with the Big Dogs

All new. All revised.

I'm completely reworking Running to be a resource for multi-Greyhound/multi-pet homes and as a resource for adoption groups. It will focus on intra and inter species behavior, problem solving and training and a major portion of the book will be devoted to the business and issues of adoption.

Which brings me to the Right Hound, Right Home workshop.

Coming Soon??

Right Hound Right Home Workshops

In late July 2002, I submitted a proposal to the NGA and the AGTOA requesting funding to develop and deliver a series of weekend-long workshops around the country. The focus of these workshops would be to train track and adoption personnel to better evaluate and place retiring racers, find good adopters and volunteers, and to improve communications among adoption groups regardless of their affiliations or philosophies. I have summarized it below.

As the years passed, we have learned that simply placing dogs is not enough. Too many homes that should be permanent have not been. Too many great dogs have been left in their older years with no place to call home. We can no longer simply place dogs. We must do more to be certain they are being placed appropriately. We cannot measure our success only in numbers of dogs placed. The one true measure of success is that each dog placed gets to live out his life in a forever home. No matter how well we are doing, if every suitable dog is not placed in a forever home, we are not doing well enough.

Within both the Greyhound racing industry and the adoption industry, there is a need to better evaluate the dogs prior to placement, find good adoptive homes, educate potential adopters, and support adopters following placement. It is now time to move beyond placing dogs and evaluating success based only on the numbers of dogs placed.


o Establish standardized guidelines for temperament testing of the retired racing Greyhound
o Improve successful adoption rates by training both track and kennel personnel and adoption groups to perform these standardized temperament tests.
o Assist adoption groups (track-based and private) in the development of adopter screening and education programs and follow-up and support functions.
o Establish an informational network among attendees via an e-mail newsletter to share information and ideas in the future.

These workshops will provide participants with the basic skills needed to evaluate temperament, screen potential adopters and train others in their adoption group or kennel to do so as well. These "hands on" workshops will be supported with training kits to include a temperament testing video, workbook, temperament evaluation forms and other materials for use by those involved in the adoption process.

The goal of our efforts must be to place every suitable retired racing Greyhound in a permanent home without bounce back. In short, placing, "the right hound in the right home." We must now make the goal of placing the right hound in the right home a reality.


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