The Gentle Art of Turning Your Retired Racing Greyhound into Your Best Friend

Welcome to the wonderful world of caring for, living with, and training retired racing greyhounds.

Whether you've recently adopted, or you're a long time admirer of these beguiling creatures, inside you'll find plenty of information to help you introduce your new friend to a whole new world, and train and care for the retired racers who have stolen your heart and your sofa.

This is not a comprehensive guide. Much of what you'll find is intended to compliment the information in my books. I've focused on information I had to exclude to meet page limitations, information that has changed since the books were published, and information that provides a foundation to a successful relationship with your retired racing Greyhound. I've also included information that may be in one or both books that I think is particularly important and doesn't seem to be easy to find in other places.

I've kept graphics to a minimum to save your download time. However, the Product Reviews section is graphics intensive.

You'll find a lot of things are still "works in progress." Some areas will always be in development with new bits of info added as I think of them or learn about them, so stop back soon if what you're looking for isn't here.

The information on this site is not intended as a substitute for professional medical or behavioral advice. It is intended for informational and entertainment purposes only. Everyone has a bias. You'll quickly learn I am no different. What you read here reflects my personal philosophies.

Pick an area that's of interest and race on in.

Ten Reasons NOT to Adopt a Greyhound If you haven't already succumbed, start here.

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Retired Racing Greyhounds for Dummies (Includes links to the Table of Contents and a Sample Chapter)

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Caring for Your Retired Racer

Lifestyle (having fun with your hound and keeping him safe and happy)

One of the Family (tips on blending dogs, cats, children and other animals)

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Current Confirmed Event Schedule

Current Event Schedule

I am occasionally available for fundraising events and behavioral workshops/seminars. Contact me for guidelines. Send me an e-mail (lee @ or call 717.671.4800).

Below is my schedule of confirmed events (updated 8/20/03).



5-7--North American Greyhound Adoption Conference, Birmingham, AL

13-14--Greyhounds of Central NewYork. contact Jonna Skeehan

21--Greyhound Planet Day, Harrisburg area


5-6 --Peoria Greyhound Adoption, Inc.

11--Dewey Beach Delaware, Greyhounds Reach the Beach



29-31 GLOWH event, Hamilton, Ontario area

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Special thanks to Sarah Snavely for allowing us to use her wonderful Greyhound images. Visit Sarah's site to see lots more Greyhound (and other dog) art.